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Syrian Civil War

It is said that “In war, truth is the first casualty”. Is there any indication that this proverb also applies to the Syrian Civil war? Yes, there is … and there is more. The story of the Syrian civil war and the events that surround it, the refugee crisis of 2015, the rise and fall of ISIL are important and valuable in so far, as they can serve as a stepping stone to a new worldview.



These are just some personal thoughts, articles and theories about philosophy, science, politics and conspiracies. Top points:
On consciousness A surprising and disturbing conclusion from a though experiment
Mass Delusions The majority and the intellectual elite have long held wrong ideas – do they still?
9/11 WTC While a “conspiracy” seem reasonable, controlled demolition may not be a thing
Climate Change Crisis – or is it mild and benign – and thus the “hoax of the 21th century”?
Some apps I made: for word memorization with spaced repetition. chat with strangers or locate your friends anonymously simple plots for differential equation systems


The History of Mass Delusions

That historically the majority of the population and even the intellectual elite have held ideas, that turned out to be wrong, is uncontested. That nowadays large numbers of people still hold irrational beliefs is also uncontested. This article investigates in five steps the question, whether there still could be such issues, where the conventional view is wrong and the mechanisms how this would come about.
1 Strange Belief-Systems, Religion and Psychology
2 Historic case studies of mass deceptions
3 Today: Idiocracy, Demography and “Political Correctness”
4 Conspiracies that turned out to be true
5 Controversies where the conventional view could be false